“I wanted to mention the excellent coaching, advice and overall support I received from Crystal-Lee. She went well above and beyond of what I expected from the program!”

“Michele Bush is an excellent resource who helped me resurface major accomplishments that I had set aside. She helped me to rejuvenate my accomplishments through reformatted resumes.”

“I had the pleasure of having Crystal-lee as my career coach with Career Compass Canada. I was particularly impressed by Crystal-lee’s professionalism and someone I can rely on for career consultation to guide me to making my next career change move. Crystal-lee’s experience and knowledge will not just be making your resume or Linkedin profile shine, but also work with you during the job search as an advisor or a friend. Anyone who is job searching would definitely benefit greatly from Crystal-lee’s service.”

“Michele was an excellent coach. She made the difference. Some great advice that made sense to me.”

“Al’s coaching has helped me tremendously with my Emotional Intelligence and has effectively made me a better leader. I have a better relationship with my staff and coworker, I feel less pressure and stress at work, and I genuinely feel happier. I would (and have) recommend Al as a coach to anyone in a leadership role, and anyone who wants to grow in their current role.”

“Michelle was amazing and so positive. She helped me get out of my own head and realize that I had many more skills than I ever thought.”

“Crystal was an amazing asset for me in transition. She is thorough and very supportive in all that was offered from your services. She went above and beyond to support me in the process. I would recommend Crystal in heart beat to all my other colleagues and network. Your company is very lucky to have her on the team Thank you Crystal.”

“Nance was absolutely wonderful, warm but professional from start to finish. She was invested in my career transition and made a huge difference.”

“My career coach was Brian Epstein and he brought success to my table. I am sure that there are many others that have suffered a job loss that felt that they could not recover from it. I would recommend Brian not only because of his first class service but he is empathetic and sincere in his work.”

“I wanted to thank you for setting me up with Jane. This was not the standard job coaching I’ve received in the past. This was about moving your life forward. Jane focused her efforts on making me stronger rather than worry about subjective changes to my resume.”

“My counselor, Brian Epstein, was very helpful. I have not had to look for a new position in a very long time and he made the process very easy. I recommend anyone that has not needed to look for a job to use this type if career counselling.”

“I wanted to thank you for setting me up with Jane. This was not the standard job coaching I’ve received in the past. This was about moving your life forward. Jane focused her efforts on making me stronger rather than worry about subjective changes to my resume. Although she ensured my paperwork and digital profile were in order, we spent our time learning more about what holds me back and what propels me forward. She is extremely intuitive and kind.”

Stephen, “Thank you again. You have been a tremendous help in my success in finding a job.”

“Ranked as Ontario’s fastest growing large municipality, our people are critical to stable financial management and the ongoing growth…..With Claudia’s expertise, advanced approaches were applied to a wide range of real-life scenarios by gently challenging routines, clarifying communication and emphasizing physiological responses. By utilizing these new tools, the approaches will improve efficiency, build trust and empower my teams for improved performance and outcomes. Thank you Claudia for sharing your impressive body of knowledge and skills.” Manager, Financial Services

“Stephen’s services were informative and relevant to my job search. They helped me hone my approaches to ensure that my career could resume as soon as possible. His services were always friendly, reliable and positive. Stephen acted in the best interests of me as a client and was essential to my recent success in gaining new employment.”

“The service and rapport that Aline Ayoub provided to me through this process was second to none. Having not gone through a job search or resume building in over 20 years, I learned so many new things about the current requirements and components of the whole process. I also learned a lot about myself and what I have to offer to future employers. The whole process was eye opening for me in regards to how to approach a new future and what I have to offer.”

“The coach I had (Stephen White) knew a lot about everything. He was honest with me. He knows how it all works. He knew how to break it all down to easy to understand (and learn) components.”

Louise “Thank you so much for all your help, I don’t think I could ever repay. It meant the world to me.”

“I received competing job offers after going through a 3-month coaching program with Stephen. His approach is highly programmatic. Each session has been designed to elevate my knowledge and skills to the next level. As we progressed in the program, I started to receive an increased number of responses and interviews. And later on through mock interviews, my interview results were also significantly improved.
There are three key factors that have made the experience so powerful and effective: Stephen’s in-depth knowledge of the job market; the way how he applied the knowledge based on my specific needs at times; and his holistic focus on my overall balance amongst job searching, family and my mental well-being.”
F.S. Oakville

“Todays’ online environment is complex and building a web site that works and looks good are two vital expectations but only half the puzzle. The other is ensuring other components that tie into the site are working well including the hosting company, security, speed, SEO and much more. You will find Anita engaging at all levels and persistent and solving problems and making sure your web site is the best it can be. I highly recommend Anita.”

“I have never been so impressed by an organization nor any help that I have ever received in my life, as I have been by Career Compass and, in particular, Stephen White. It was an invaluable support to have Stephen White with me from the moment I received the news of my employment end, until the last appointment. From that very moment, he coached, supported, and helped me, which in turn helped me to trust him and Career Compass, to know that both were there for me. I would refer anyone to him as he was very professional and genuine. The employment information I received from him was clearly communicated, up-to-date and very helpful. I also love the fact that I have continued support via Momentum. The webinars also were great and provided me with valuable, key information that I needed at this time. Thanks so much for being there, and being such a great organization. I would not have made it to the place I am now–Ready to secure employment. “

Nance, “ thank you for being such a positive person, thank you for always believing in me and for always keeping me grounded. You are an amazing professional with a very kind heart.
Thank you so much for helping me during a very rough time in my life and for helping me find my Dream Job.”

Nance, “thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and guidance you have given me. I am truly grateful.”

“Melissa truly cared for my well being, she was always positive and kept me in a positive way. She was great and I would recommend her to anyone that was in my situation.”

“Thanks for such swift progress.” HR Director

“Nance made it very easy to schedule meetings and was extremely helpful with helping me develop new ideas and directions on how to start my own business.”

“Hi Melissa: I just wanted to write you a brief note to say how great it is to work with you.
You are very inspiring and you have a lot of great ideas.”

“I just really appreciated that I was able to take from your program what was most valuable for me and my career consultant Brian Epstein was fantastic all around. Extremely attentive, prompt, responsive and available.“

“Aline, your help and insight remain with me today. Again, I wanted to say thank you for our time together.”

The service and support provided by Brian was very helpful for my career re-positioning and options evaluation. I was in a unique career change position where Brian and I focused primarily on assessment and re-evaluation, overall resume restructuring and networking. His provided tailored-made strategic approach for my case. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian for being understanding, supportive and patient during the entire process.

“I recently completed one month of career transition with your firm and was assigned to Aline Ayoub.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you that Aline was an excellent transition partner. Aline was professional and detailed, she was a woman of her word regarding feedback and exchanges of information with me throughout the process.

Moreover, Aline took the time to work with me in a way that made me feel like a valued client. Her guidance was extremely helpful and tailored to my specific search challenges, opportunities and needs.

In short, Aline was a pleasure to work with and provided honest and transparent feedback that I will take with me as I move forward in my search.”

“Web resources very comprehensive and portal easy to use. My career counsellor was fantastic. She was insightful and respectful. She was professional and gave me great coaching and advice based on me as a person and potential candidate. Our meetings were always productive and I learned a lot from Aline Ayoub. It was a very positive experience.”

“Nance was a great coach for me, she has lots of experience and supported me through my challenges. The staff at the office were wonderful as well, they knew my by name and I appreciated that.”

Hi Nance,
“I started my new position as Regional Marketing Manager.
The role is a really good fit for my skillset and I am happy because this is a great career opportunity.
Thanks for your one on one Q&A coaching sessions. It really helped me prepare for my interviews.
I also appreciate you staying in touch and encouraging me. “

I would recommend the consultant that I had (Aline Ayoub). I found her to be very helpful in providing me the right guidance, direction and suggestions that I needed during this process.

Executive coaching with Nance was a substantial component of me driving dialogue about change in roles. It also helped me re-focus on taking charge of my choices and drive forward, regardless of obstacles. Ie: Focusing on what I can influence… both in terms of not letting the periphery be as distracting and disappointing. While I don’t think my performance was suffering in the previous role (and feedback from my manager was always that I was a high performer), certainly I believe I can influence more in my new current role, and am therefore happier. This can’t help but be good in the long run.

There have been a number of times after coaching that I have gone back to the office and taken another try at something that I thought was un-moveable, … and moved it.

The coaching process is very powerful and I am grateful to have been coached by Nance and will definitely call on her expertise again.

Nance, I start a new job tomorrow as a Facilities General Manager in Toronto.
Thanks for your help with coaching and the resume.

Nance, Thank you for all your assistance with my employment search. Your help has given me my new job.. I wouldn’t have landed something, @ my wage & benefit expectation without you. Thanks again!

Julia, It was very nice to work with you too and I really appreciate the personal touch you give to it all. I’m of course happy to complete and survey and provide feedback. You should know that since making those few changes to my resume we discussed on LinkedIn (and the webinar tips) that I’ve been contacted by at least 6 different recruiters in the last week alone so you can let other candidates know that it does work.

I got the right help at the right time. I only wish I was able to start with you earlier.

Looking for help when you are job searching can be a daunting and difficult challenge. Many individuals in this position are often feeling afraid, vulnerable or may be in a time of crisis. I was so fortunate that I chose Career Compass Canada and had the opportunity to work with Joanne Echlin.
The program itself is so comprehensive, it covers every single aspect of the job search process. The program is completely geared to each individual’s needs and situation and there is help every step of the way. There is professional assistance with resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, interview preparation, there are webinars to view and questionnaires to complete that assist individuals in determining what their strengths and interests are, leading to your desired future.

However, the real difference at Career Compass Canada is in the people who work there and provide the ongoing support. Joanne Echlin is one of most intelligent, caring, compassionate and professional people I have ever met. She has the amazing ability to really understand people and she does so with such a kind and supportive manner that you really feel like you are important and understood. She makes you feel like anything is possible. She is so flexible and allowed me to be fully in control of my journey,yet she kindly encouraged me when I needed it the most. She always went out of her way to assist me and was always available if I needed her.

While this was never my intention, not only did Career Compass Canada help me, but they also assisted my son with finding his dream job! Al Lutchin went above and beyond my expectations by offering my son an opportunity that is a testament to the values and support provided at Career Compass Canada. They really care!! I would recommend this organization to anyone who is looking for assistance in the career search process. You will feel valued and supported every step of the way and the program itself will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

Just having Nance as a sounding board, helped rebuild my confidence.

This was an excellent learning experience for me. I gained new knowledge, and discovered more about myself than what I had known previously. The meetings were very flexible, and I was able to participate in the sessions from home. My coach was very open, and supportive with me throughout all my sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Career Compass Canada to anyone in the same position as me: unemployed, and looking for the next transition.

This program and Laura’s guidance were a great set of skills. This was far more valuable to me than a program I had several years ago with a different outplacement firm. I feel empowered with a system and set of tools to help me secure not just a job but the right job for me at this time in my life. Laura did a super job of helping me accelerate from unprepared to confident and empowered in a very short time. I believe I will enjoy lifelong benefits from this program.

After making the difficult decision that our organization would need to undergo a restructuring, we partnered with the team at Career Compass Canada. From the initial point of contact, we knew we had found the most professional and highly invested outplacement firm available. The restructuring affected six cities in North America, and through the Career Partners International Network, the team at Career Compass Canada mobilized partners in 6 cities internationally. The support that was given to the HR department, managers involved in the termination process, and most importantly the affected employees was caring and thoughtful. The program itself was met with a high level of appreciation and has been incredibly successful. As an Employer we are able to feel like we are supporting transitioning employees during a very difficult time. I was very impressed with the team at Career Compass Canada and owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude for helping us and our employees during a difficult time. Thank you thank you thank you.


Just a note to let you know I have landed a transportation position with a chemical producer / distributor in Toronto.

I am especially thankful for your time and expertise you provided to me through this transition. I would like to think the improvements to my resume you suggested as well as some of your guidance regarding LinkedIn profiles and interviewing tips made the difference.

She is very professional and so easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable discussing about my present and future plans to determine what I really want to do. Furthermore, she has also helped me in writing a great personal resume. I am very thankful to have been assigned Sabrina during my career transition, she is a wonderful coach!

Al, I appreciate all the guidance and support when I was initially laid off. While Real Estate may have come to the surface later during my unemployment, staying positive and getting through those first 6 months is really what led me here. Thank you for being there.

I am happy to have had the past six months to look at so many pieces of my life and to grow and learn so much. I can’t thank you enough again for your support during my process. You truly were and are a positive influence in my life when things seemed confusing and difficult and I thank you for that. I will not ever forget you.

Working closely with an experienced and knowledgeable consultant who is able to guide you through the career search process was a tremendous help.

A very positive and supportive environment, and staff are both professional, friendly and easy to work with. My consultant was very accommodative of my time and priorities and was always available when I needed her.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of the help and support you gave me to start my new career!
Thank you again

Nance Thank-you for all of your help, guidance & positivity during this difficult transitional time in my life. You helped me see that there was better opportunities out there for me and that I deserved them. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support. I am looking forward to starting my new job,


I am pleased to inform you that I have secured a position with a property restoration company that covers all of my salary and automobile needs. Without the resume that you put together for me things may have been a little bit different.

The resume you provided to me netted me a total of 10 call backs and 8 interviews in a 10 week span. Not too shabby! I would not have been able to get through this challenging time without that resume and for that I thank you.

Hi Nance!

Thank you for today! You are truly worth your weight in gold. I am revitalized, refocused and have a new plan of attack. I have attached the progress tracker I am keeping for myself for you to review. (Nothing Fancy)

Thanks so much again! Can’t wait to see you next week!

Nance is innovative, out-of-the-box thinker, very professional and has excellent knowledge in how to get a person’s creative ideas working. I would recommend Nance very highly!

Nance was extremely professional from beginning to end. She came into my life at a time when everything was turned upside down but managed to shift my focus toward a more positive light. Her expertise in resume building, interview coaching and general insight into the job markets was refreshing and genuine. I have and will continue to recommend her services.

With seemingly hundreds of career counsellors in the market using a “cooker-cutter” approach, I was thrilled to bits when I connected with Nance, who is a certified Master Career Coach. She invested time to get to know me and used a consultative, collaborative approach to my career planning and job-search process. Through her network of contacts, she knows how the employment market has changed, so you can focus your energies on what is relevant today.

Nance’s twenty plus years in personal / professional development as well as her wellness background are major reasons why I choose to work with her. She has wonderful people skills and we have created a true partnership in my job search.

I particular appreciated her holistic approach as she mentored me through the career planning and job search techniques and her willingness to go “above and beyond”. Working with Nance was always a joy and I would strongly recommend her.

Nance is an excellent consultant. She is great with people, and makes a professional yet cordial and personal connection early on. She understands her clients and matches her techniques with their needs.

Nance, part of the feedback (former employer) I provided was how wonderful I think you are. That you are inspirational, professional, knowledgeable and a wonderful person.
I will certainly keep you posted on my progress. I am excited to start this new chapter in my life.
Thank you so much for your continued support and kindness.

Hello Fred, just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I was offered a position …..
thank you once again for all of your help getting me to this point in my search for employment.

Dear Carmela,

“I have had the pleasure of receiving career counselling from Carmela and she is definitely a dynamic force in her area of expertise. Her experience, professionalism and dedication are second to none. Above all, I am impressed with her generous and nurturing guidance that she provides to clients so that they have all the tools and opportunities to achieve a flourishing career. I give Carmela my highest and heartfelt recommendation”.


…you are one of the main components of helping obtain this goal. Your patience, confidence and advice guided me to use all the correct tools to finding this position. Thank you again.

Paul RW Smith has recommended your work as Certified Career Consultant at Career Compass Canada (Career Partner International affiliate).

Dear Carmela,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Carmela is a great motivator. Not only a great motivator but very insightful. The approach she has taken to guide me on a career change has been very enlightening and help me realize exactly what I want to do for the next twenty years.”

Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the New Horizons program with Al and Nance Lutchin. It opened my mind to think of retirement not as an end, but a fresh beginning, one with much excitement and freedom not necessarily found in one’s pre-retirement career. It helped me erase so much of the anxiety that comes with thinking about retirement and see it as more of an upcoming adventure, than a destination. Thank you both for redefining the word retirement.”


Career Compass Canada is recognized for excellence by a peer review ranking process, placing in the top 12 for Excellent Partners out of 72 global Career Partners International firms.


Career Compass Canada in the top ten out of 70 global CPI  partner firms for excellence in client satisfaction – 2017


The 2015 Peer Review Survey is based on: Partnership, Responsiveness, Fees, Information Shared, Direct and accurate communication. This was announced at the CPI AGM.

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