Business Building Myth # 3: You Need Great Offerings And A Website To Get Coaching Clients


Way too many coaches spend their early months working alone, while they perfect their website, offerings, packages and pricing. We call this the startup vacuum.

Coaches do this for two main reasons: perfectionism or procrastination. They both come down to the perfectly understandable sentiment of being fearful of something new. Be warned…The startup vacuum is a BAD IDEA.

Nature abhors vacuums and fills every corner of our globe with life. Tommi Wolfe also abhors vacuums for coaches, and here is why.

Most coaches (and most entrepreneurs for that matter) start their business like this.

Which phase are you in? The trick here is to avoid the vacuum phase as much as possible and entirely if you want to be certain of avoiding the QUIT phase.  The answer is simple.

Stop developing websites, products, opt-ins, repricing brochures all by yourself, isolated and safely tucked away behind your computer screen.

Start getting out there, meeting people and making connections, getting known, watching their expressions and interest level when you enthuse about your offerings and business. Let the feedback mold and shape your offerings. Start making sales ASAP, don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, adjust your pricing on the fly. Just do it!  This will build an effortless tribe in your own backyard for pennies on the dollar, and make sure that everything you create has a real demand.


Meet Liesel (not her real name). She was a client of mine some years ago. She was starting a business consulting practice, and her concept was to use NASCAR racing as a metaphor for human performance. When she came to me for coaching, she had just spent her first six months in business creating a sophisticated online product she was sure her clients would love! It had cost her tens of thousands of dollars. She had never shown it to a prospect or received any client feedback. She never even sold one of these products!  This is the sorry cost of time, money and confidence when you create in a vacuum.

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