Conflict Resolution

Conflict within teams or individuals at any level of the organization can have a devastating impact on personal performance and team dynamics. Dealing with conflict requires a focused and disciplined process and requires both parties to reach out and find common ground. Getting to a successful resolution requires the development of a clear pathway facilitated by a Career Compass Canada experienced resolution coach who can pull together both sides to rebuild trust, respect, communication and accountability. It is hard work but the results are amazing when a breakthrough happens. Constructive conflict can generate new ideas, innovation and cross check strategies for best outcomes. However, conflict that turns negative and counter productive needs to be addressed and resolved to avoid dysfunction, lost opportunities and performance issues.

Maintaining a respectful workplace for all concerned is the hallmark for employee engagement and meeting job performance expectations. Conflict is a serious distraction and needs to be managed. We have a unique process which is customized for each challenge that leads to successful conclusions. Our approach works well in both union and non-union environments.

Mutual Commitment Resolution Agreement Process


1. Information meeting with key senior team members to understand the conflict issues and the impact on the team and performance

2. CR Coach meets with Participants separately and any other individuals that the senior team members feel would be necessary to speak to about the conflict situation

3. Participants develop their “Individual Resolution Plans”

4. Mid-point briefing with key senior team members to provide a progress report and seek further input on what we are learning

5. Meetings with Participants to review their “Individual Resolution Plans”

6. Using resolutions from Individual Resolution Plans CR Coach prepares Mutual Commitment Resolution Agreement – MCRA

7. Coach meets with Participants separately to discuss MCRA

8. Both Participants and the designated senior team member attend Joint Meeting to finalize and formalize the MCRA

9. De-Briefing meeting with senior team members to discuss plans for support/reinforcement for Participants and his/her designated senior team member moving forward