Executive Round Table

An Executive Coach Global Exclusive
for Leadership Excellence

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Being a senior leader in an organization or running your own business or department in a large company is lonely and requires a certain set of leadership skills that are often developed by trial and error. It’s rare that leaders have an opportunity to avoid these costly mistakes and learn from others who are truly supportive and focused on your growth and success.

Exceptional leaders today realize that they can’t do this on their own. Rather, they surround themselves with other successful peers who help them become better leaders and accelerate their business results while enhancing their personal and professional well-being.

Purpose of the Executive Round Table
Joining an Executive Round Table can help you gain support in delivering on your commitments to yourself, allow you to receive valuable feedback from a small group of like-minded individuals, and tap into the true source of your groups mind power.

Have you ever asked yourself?
• What do I really want?
• What fears are holding me back?
• What do I need to change to get what I want?
• What beliefs do I need to let go of?
• What’s standing in my way to achieving success?


Value of Participation:
• Draw upon the experience, support and wisdom of a group of trusted peers
• Become a better and more effective leader
• Leverage the experience from others to accomplish your goals faster
• Obtain space to focus on the big picture
Generate ideas and gain immediate problem solving
• Connect with like-minded peers and use peer accountability to drive discipline, commitment and results

Key Components of the Executive Round Table:
Strengthening your inner leader so you can perform at extraordinary levels
• Creating excellence and happiness on the inside that will transform on the outside
Accountability to keep you focused and on track of your goals
Education, brainstorming, and problem solving
Insights which improve your business and personal life
• A complete shift in your thinking to be an inspiration and make a difference
• An objective board of directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group, all rolled into one!

Program Includes:

  • Two, 3-hour monthly group meetings
  • 9-month commitment (total of 18 group meetings) from October 2017 – June 2018
  • Private coaching with an ICF Certified Career Compass Coach (optional at additional reduced cost)
  • 360° Leadership Circle Profile Assessment (optional offered at additional reduced cost)
  • Email support between meetings
  • Private online Executive Round Table forum
  • Professional facilitation by an ICF Certified Executive Coach
  • Peer accountability and support

Your Investment: $9,000 + HST

Special Bonuses offered if you register and pay in full by September 15th.

Bonus # 1: Register in full by September 15th and receive a $500 discount off your fee
Bonus # 2: Receive a 50% discount off your 360 assessment (regular cost $1,500)

The New Standard for Leadership Development. Insight that Accelerates Effectiveness
The Leadership Circle Profile is designed to accelerate leadership effectiveness beyond traditional competency-based approaches. When it comes to developing leaders, training to competencies alone does not work very well. For more rapid and lasting results, it is crucial that organizations help leaders gain deeper insight into their behavior and what is driving it. The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only 360-degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations. The Leadership Circle Profile helps leaders understand the relationship between how they habitually think, how they behave, and, more importantly, how all this impacts their current level of leadership effectiveness. Once this awareness is established, leadership development can proceed. Without it, change rarely happens.

About Executive Coach Global
Executive Coach Global provides Executive Coaching and Leadership Development solutions for a range of challenges and training initiatives. These include entry and mid-level to senior managers and executive leaders, team building, leadership training, conflict resolution, succession candidate preparation and high potentials. Our highly skilled International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coaches bring a depth of experience in working with people to deliver timely and effective leadership solutions and strategies.

Leadership today is demanding and requires honed skills and tools to drive collaboration, engagement and performance. One on One executive coaching coupled with team coaching ensures desired and sustainable outcomes. Coaching is our fundamental tool in dealing with strategic leadership people solutions and provides a compelling and positive environment so the participant can become more self aware of their gaps, blind spots and learning opportunities to be effective leaders who are respected and able to drive strong team engagement and innovation.
Executive Coach Global is a specialized division of Career Compass Canada – a leading Talent Management firm offering a range of strategic people solutions including outplacement, career management and a full suite of Career Management and Human Resources Services.

Is this Program Right for You?

The Executive Round Table is specifically designed for the seasoned leader or business owner who has been on a plateau and is now ready to grow. This group consists of 6 carefully matched and selected senior leaders who are dedicated to fulfilling both the professional and personal potential of themselves as well as their fellow group members.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, commit to achieving and exceeding your goals, want to both give and receive help and like the idea of working with others, this group is ideal.

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