Facebook: Coming soon to a workplace near you

Nov 17, 2014

Social media giant testing ‘Facebook at Work’ to compete with LinkedIn, Google Drive

Using Facebook at work isn’t exactly what comes to mind when we think of productivity boosters, but the social media giant is hoping to become exactly that.

Facebook is reportedly in the testing phase of a new version of the site called “Facebook at Work,” according to media reports. The new office-friendly version of the social network will be designed to compete with LinkedIn, Google Drive and Microsoft and the workplace productivity tools they currently offer.

The work version of the site will allow users to connect with professional contacts and use the chat function and messaging to communicate with co-workers, and will also feature other traditional Facebook tools such as the news feed. Users will also be able to create profiles and collaborate on documents, according to reports.

The workplace tool does not yet allow for communication with people at other companies.

Facebook representatives declined to comment on the new product at this point, but one source, who asked not to be named, said the product will likely go public in a few months.

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