Outplacement – Transition

Our outplacement team is fully operational and ready to assist  any organization needing support to meet business needs. We have instituted best practices to ensure the safety of our team and clients during COVID-19. Our delivery model of one -on -one coaching remains the same and will be delivered through Zoom video/audio password protected platform or in person with physical distancing.  Workshops are also available, online, using breakout rooms to enhance learning. Our on site support and planning is available as well in accordance with Public Health guidelines. Please contact, in confidence, Alexander Lutchin or Nance MacLeod for more information – al@careercompasscanada.com or nance@careercompasscanada.com

Career Compass provides premier outplacement – transition support with a legacy that started in 1975 serving all sectors and industries . Based in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Niagara Area we offer convenient locations as well as coast to coast service.

Our experienced career coaches primary goal is to ensure we provide a meaningful experience to get job candidates to their career destination of choice as soon as possible. Services are custom designed to achieve desired outcomes and include full resume preparation, interviewing exercises, job search strategies, advanced networking, use of social media, career development, skills training to support continued growth and general support for emotional wellness. The foundational approach is to provide comprehensive support to landing by creating a powerful personal brand that connects with recruiters and hiring managers.

Outplacement – transition programs are developed for effective and economical delivery to ensure a positive experience for participants with faster landings and increased job satisfaction. Experienced and credentialed career coaches provide the personal and professional support each person deserves during their transition to a new job, a second career or starting their own business venture. Dedicated one on one coaching provides for personal attention with coaches who care and will work diligently to see their job candidates be successful. Being agile allows us to respond quickly to any size assignment from one person to large scale downsizing initiatives anywhere.

Key to our outplacement-transition delivery model is providing the best solution to serve various levels of impacted employees including: front line support, professional, supervisory, senior management and executive. We also provide on site support by our trained notification team day of event and can assist with exit planning including strategy, communication, logistics to ensure minimum team impact and dignity for those departing.

Outplacement transition participants agree, with high engagement rates and a consistent 99% satisfaction rating!

We deliver comprehensive outplacement career transition programs and we know how to connect people with jobs and keep them front of line. The outplacement and career transition support we offer is more than finding a job –  it is also about being successful in a new role and we do this by providing learning opportunities and  updating skills using our custom curriculum of e-learning courses. Our thorough transition programs are designed to support a range of roles including:  front line, support, professional, manager, director, vp and executive.  Our services include pre-termination planning and day of separation support to ensure a seamless scenario that respects those departing and those continuing on. That is why we are the preferred supplier of choice of many companies and organizations to ensure their displaced workers are cared for and find new employment effectively and rapidly. We are client focused to ensure the best experience possible with transforming results and positive outcomes. Our client care philosophy is embraced across our experienced coaching team.  Our outplacement services are available in both official languages – English and French including coaching and online solutions. Our support is based on a global solutions platform and fully scale able to any size of assignment.

“According to a 2015 University study, “Job seekers who participate in search-skills programs are 2.67 times more likely to land jobs than those who don’t engage in such interventions.”  In an analysis of past studies, the research team found that “Programs to teach people to become more proactive, improve self-presentation, boost self-efficacy, and learn to enlist social support …. are effective only if they include both skill development and motivation enhancement.”

Effectively transitioning employees, whether out of the organization or into new roles within the company, can be a challenging endeavor. Career Compass Canada helps employers successfully transition workers by providing high quality outplacement and employment counselling services that position employees for career success and enhance the company’s employment reputation brand. Providing an array of services and expert consultation, we can address the most complex of transitions to constructively support all who are involved. We approach transition on a 360 basis to ensure maximum success by not only helping people land faster but also engaging career management strategies and career/leadership development. We want our candidates to be prepared for the next assignment to ensure growth and satisfaction. We understand how to penetrate the hidden job market and are experts at connecting job seekers with those making the hiring decisions. We do this through our advanced networking platform that includes our own internal networking system of partner firms coast to coast, online and in-person.

     New Horizons



Career Compass Canada takes client security and privacy seriously. Our IT platform is EU Safe Harbour Certified and we rank the most secure SSL protected on a consistent basis applying stringent protocols and ciphers. We have a comprehensive privacy policy and have a privacy officer appointed to ensure our polices and procedures are updated and align with best business practice.

Outplacement / Career Transition

In today’s economy, layoffs are a complicated yet frequent occurrence. For the employer, careful planning and flawless implementation are required to prevent erosion of the business, as well as the organization’s standing in the community. For displaced employees, high levels of unemployment leave many feeling that they have few options for alternative employment or that their careers have been derailed. For remaining employees, uncertainty levels can rise significantly and productivity levels may decline considerably. The bottom line: these situations can leave many individuals, whether leaving or staying, with a sense of frustration, fear and anxiety.

Providing quality Outplacement Transition services from Career Compass Canada helps transitioning employees understand that career changes don’t have to be career-ending. Our career consultants, experienced in virtually every industry, provide transition candidates with the type of support that helps them ease their anxieties and gain a better foothold on their next role or career path. Also, with the best consultant-candidate ratio in the field, candidates receive one-on-one, face-to-face assistance ensuring their programs are personalized to their specific situation. Additional resources, such as our proprietary online career portal, Momentum™, offer candidates 24/7 access to training modules and multiple tools for job search assistance, personal branding, resume writing, company intelligence database searches, networking, and more.

In addition, we assist employers with planning, implementation and post-layoff actions needed to support the organization’s ongoing business. From training managers on how to deliver transition messages, to onsite support during the notification process, to follow-up workshops to re-engage and re-focus current employees, our expert consultants help employers move the organization forward in a professional and productive manner.

Post Termination Stress Counseling for coworkers

Job Loss for either one or multiple members of a team impacts those left behind in different ways and can sometimes present challenging issues that need to be addressed. Our experienced team can assist with this to ensure staff remain engaged and focused in their roles going forward.  We help to manage the emotion and provide a pathway forward so those left behind can move on with confidence and commitment.

Redeployment, Transfers and Promotions

Transitioning into new roles, new departments, new careers, or new locations can be exciting and even challenging at times. To help employees transition and on-board to be productive more quickly, we offer multiple resources that help employers communicate changes, retrain workers, prepare employees for new roles, and manage integration within the organization. Our transition programs promote timely assimilation to bolster the employee’s confidence, morale and contributions to the organization’s success.

Spouse / Partner Relocation

Since most households today are supported by two working professionals, promotions or transfers requiring physical relocation could hamper a career. To avoid such a hardship and alleviate the worries of relocating employees so they can focus on their new endeavor, our career consultants located around the world assist trailing spouses and partners in transitioning their careers and adapting to their new environments.

Retirement Planning

“Retirement” no longer means that a person stops working; rather, it is considered a period of transition where an individual re-focuses and re-balances his or her lifestyle to align with personal circumstances. New Horizons – Mapping Your Life Options®, a special program for the mature workforce, helps employees prepare for this transition by assessing their retirement readiness and strategically planning for a future aligned with their changing lifestyle to bring renewed fulfillment. In working with coaches certified in New Horizons – Mapping your Life Options®, participants create a self-portrait of personal needs that guides them toward becoming fully invested in a new and rewarding lifestyle of their own design.

Workforce Planning

Before changes can be initiated within the workforce, employers must make strategic plans that ensure and enable the appropriate talent in the organization to achieve its strategic business objectives. Our workforce planning services assist businesses in creating strategies and road maps for changing workforce needs. Our experts help employers assess their workforce landscapes to determine what’s needed to successfully move the organization forward to advance its business success.

Case Study #1


Optimization of a Restructuring

As a major energy company evolved strategically, organizational restructuring became imperative. The division responsible for providing information technology services faced a challenging and potentially painful downsizing.

The Challenge

Following the implementation of a new strategic direction, a division of a major energy company that had provided international IT support would be subject to several rounds of layoffs of long-term employees over the course of several years. The negative impact on talent retention and acquisition, the costs associated with lost talent and severance benefits, and the reduced morale and productivity all weighed heavily on Human Resources. Seeking to ease the pain and control costs, the company asked Career Compass Canada for assistance.

The Career Partners International Solution

After understanding the new strategic direction, Career Partners International presented a redeployment solution to help the company place as many employees as possible in other divisions of the company. Major highlights of this program included expert career coaching assistance and:

  • A two-day seminar with additional follow-up counseling to help employees understand and face the potential job loss
  • Identification of skills that were readily transferable to other divisions
  • Resume development and practice interviews
  • Onsite candidate services that maximized the potential for internal placement

The entire program clearly communicated the company’s concern and value of the transitioning employees to everyone. Management saw the program as an excellent way to enhance morale for all employees during the 90-day period after the layoff announcement.

The Results

Two major accomplishments were the positive morale among transitioning and remaining employees and the substantial reduction in severance costs. In addition to satisfying every pre-defined objective, the program enhanced the company’s internal online placement process. The Director of Human Resources commented, “This effort has been so successful that the company has redeployed employees who otherwise would have left the organization. We value this retention of talent retention far more than the substantial severance savings. Additionally, this initiative is equally valuable in talent acquisition as new job candidates see the high value the company places on its employees.”

Case Study #2

Retention Strategies

Nursing Turnover Decreases Significantly while Retention and Job Satisfaction Increase

When the world’s hospitals faced a shortage of nurses, one North Carolina health care organization learned that improving managers’ leadership skills and emotional intelligence made a world of difference in decreasing turnover.

The Challenge

As a result of its extremely successful outplacement initiatives with Career Partner International, Novant Health, a North Carolina health care organization with 13,000 employees, came to Career Partners International for assistance with quite the opposite challenge: talent retention and expansion in the organization. Turnover of Novant’s registered nurses was literally costing the organization millions of dollars. The company estimated that, system-wide, for every percent they could reduce turnover the organization could save $1.5 million annually. With such high stakes, Novant allowed Career Compass Canada to think out of the box and create a unique solution in hopes of reducing RN turnover by 20% annualized in selected pilot departments.

The Career Compass Canada Solution

Knowing that leadership skills and emotional intelligence are key factors in retaining employees, Career Partners International designed a pilot program for departments that had consistently high turnover. Since people typically join an organization for the job and often leave because of the manager, the first part of the program consisted of focus groups with staff nurses.

Based in part on the issues that surfaced in the focus groups, the second component of the program administered a customized 360˚ survey to the managers in the pilot departments. The third part of the program consisted of three mandatory classes led by a qualified consultant within Career Compass Canada on emotional intelligence, managerial styles, and reading and interpreting the feedback from the 360˚ survey. Next, using all of the information gathered during the program and working with the Career Compass Canada consultant, the management teams from each department developed a team plan on retention and each leader developed his/her personal development plan. The program was rounded out with one-on-one individualized coaching over a six-month period to help mangers achieve their development and retention objectives.


Quantitatively, at the end of the pilot, turnover was reduced to 19.8%, down from 41%. Qualitatively, Novant’s nursing staff began working more effectively as a team and was happier while the leadership skills and emotional intelligence of the management were enhanced. Novant plans to roll this program out organizationally and is thrilled that their corporate values of teamwork and personal excellence are being embraced by their nursing staff.

Case Study #3

Career Transition

Excellence in Managing a Major Plant Closing

Empowering employees during a plant closure inspires engagement and leads to mutual success.

The Challenge

Following an unexpected announcement of a plant closing, senior management of an electronics industry leader desired to develop a career transition plan that would meet the employment needs of over 500 employees while continuing to meet production and quality targets. Management worried that they would face hostile employees, vandalism and corporate sabotage. Concerned that unhappy workers would prevent the plant from meeting their production schedule, the company turned to Career Partners International for assistance.

The Career Compass Canada Solution

After touring the facility to understand how workers’ existing skills could be transferred to other industries, Career Compass Canada developed a unique strategy to meet the specific needs of manufacturing employees working in 24/7 shifts.

The main objective of the solution was to empower workers in their career transitions while they continued their work at the facility. This included:

  • Specialized workshops focused on finding “hidden” jobs, communicating with potential employers and developing a personal marketing strategy to focus the job search.
  • One-on-one coaching to improve resumes, practice interview techniques and develop job search plans.
  • Marketing campaign to target local industries, agencies and schools culminating with a job fair directed to the specific skills of the employees.
The Results

One of the greatest successes of the program was reducing the anxiety and anger of the displaced workers so they could focus on their work and on their career transitions. Assisting workers in identifying and effectively communicating their value and transferable skills enabled employees to successfully market themselves to potential employers. The program also realized a number of quantitative successes for both the company and the employees:

  • Final production achieved three weeks ahead of schedule
  • Earned $20M over projected revenue
  • 0 worker’s compensation claims
  • 50% decrease in medical leave
  • 89% of participants located a new position or enrolled full-time in college