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How I Overcome Obstacles

Overcoming obstacles can be the biggest challenge that we face. Obstacles are everywhere and they sometimes cannot be avoided.

I often look at obstacles as a means to building. The more obstacles that you get over then the more knowledge you will have in life. When I am faced with an obstacles I first look them head on. I think at times I even have to sit down and think about what has happened. Have you ever been in that moment where you just can't believe it?

Other obstacles I have to get mad. I am only allowed to get mad that one day. Because you know what the obstacle is and now it is time to find the solution. If I can't find the solution at the moment. I am able to lay down and wake up and have the answer. Has that ever happened to you? I don't know what it is in our brain that does that. But sleeping and waking up can provide answers in the morning.

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Obstacles no matter how big or small can teach you a lesson or two. Don't just accept what is in front of you. GET A PLAN of ACTION. Sit down and write out what it is you need to do and then DO IT!!

Everyone has their own way of dealing with obstacles. Mine are easy to me. Although it may be a little harder for others. Do what you can. Take small steps and soon you will be able to get over any obstacle at any time on any level.

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Posted in Personal Development Post Date 12/31/2019