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One of the side effects of pursuing work you love

One of the side effects of pursuing work you love is that your life tends to become engulfed by this work and the ideas and people associated with it. Over the past year and in particular the past month, I have become quite focused on consuming content related to entrepreneurship, philosophy, economics, and education.

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It's been a wonderful 12 months diving deep into topics I find myself more passionate about each day. Never in my life have I consumed so much content and dedicated as much time to thinking about ideas that are connected to what I do on a daily basis.

However, I found out something quite startling this weekend. There are actually people who take time to create content that falls outside of these categories that I've been so focused on.

A friend passed along a magazine, Mental Floss, she thought I would enjoy. After reading through the magazine I felt quite refreshed. It was fun to read up on the history of dance marathons and the story of John Cage's 4'33".

This experience has motivated me to build into my weekly content consumption specific time to explore new ideas. Now to figure out the best way to do so

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Posted in Personal Development Post Date 05/06/2020