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5 Signs You Need To Get Liberated

If you are looking to get to your happy & liberated place you may want to take an assessment of areas of your life that may need improvement. Here are a some signs that may suggest you need to pursue a more liberated &purpose-filled life. Let me know your thoughts. Are you living your most liberated life?

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Bad relationships are like the love of your life.

If these people and relationships tend to always find a way to cramp your happiness and peace this is a sure sign that you need to free yourself of people who do not add value to your life, seem to always take from you, and/ or drain you of whatever happiness you have. The relationships we cultivate in our lives say so much about us as individuals.

You have a hard time being with YOU.

There are times, perpetually I would suggest, in which you have to retreat , reflect, evaluate in order to grow you. Your inner person needs proper care and preparation to handle the outside world. Often we are so non-stop in our busy lives that we do not allow our souls the necessary rest in order to give and be our best. Spend time with you and allow yourself to develop internally so that you truly shine outwardly. It is OK to spend quality time with ones self in order to detox all of the outside stuff.

Comparing yourself to others is a way of life.

This silent killer keeps us miserable and enslaved to thoughts of not being good enough. Liberate yourself of the constant need to compare your life to the lives of others. Heres a start, try decreasing your use of social media, the marketplace for showing the best parts of our lives. When you notice you are sizing up your hair, clothes, degrees and things to the next person try taking note of all of your blessings and give thanks. You are unique and you are good enough, we all are.

Good is not in your vocabulary.

If you RARELY ever see the upside to a situation or the good in people you may need an intervention. Optimism is a plus and good really can be found if only we look for it. The more we welcome goodness and positivity the more it will be present in our lives.

You avoid change like it is a disease.

It IS acceptable to tweak, revamp, reorganize your life as needed. Change your look, your hairstyle, your way of thinking, your friends if necessary it may be just the thing you need to do. Comfort and familiarity are the things that keep us repeating the same things and cause us to reach the same conclusions. If you want a different outcome try CHANGING SOMETHING in your life. Change for the better!

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Posted in Personal Development Post Date 05/15/2020