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YOU make your own happiness.

The end of the week is coming to a close and as I'm sitting out here, on my back patio, I decided to do a little more reflecting. What valuable things have I learned thus far? What is one thing I do to really make life easier on myself and those around me?

Something I quickly learned as a young adult, is that your happiness depends on you. You make your own happiness. Nothing on this Earth can make your happiness. Not money, jewelery, or clothes. Not spouses, children, or friends. Not partying, traveling or education. Only you can make your own happiness.

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It frustrates me to see all these books and television shows with people offering to tell us the secret to happiness or even try to sell it for some crazy price. It frustrates me that someone even needed to devote a whole book to such a thing. Is it really something that difficult? And I'm not talking about people that are clinically depressed. That is a real illness that needs real treatment. I'm talking about both rich and poor, both popular and unpopular, successful and unsuccessful people that just choose to be unhappy.

Yep. I think happiness is a choice. Either you choose to be happy or you don't. Its up to you.

Another thing that frustrates me, is people that seem to only complain about the bad things that have happened or are happening to them. They never ever give any credit to the good things they have.

I have learned that bad things are going to happen . There is nothing anyone can do to avoid them. But the thing about bad times is that without the bad times, we can't truly appreciate the good times. So basically, the bad times make the good times good. They wouldn't be good because we wouldn't know what bad was. So, be thankful for the bad times and completely appreciate the good ones because of it.

I have learned that bad times will come in and out of your life. They may only stay for a while and then leave, but they will be back. So why be surprised and caught off guard? Build a solid happiness for yourself and keep a good mind, so that the bad times don't shake you so badly.

I have learned that things happen that are out of my control . Being the control freak that I am, this will drive me insane, if I let it. But you know what? I choose not to. Here's my thought: if you can't do anything to control it, why waste your time being upset about it? Being upset and mad all the time is an absolute waste of time. It changes nothing, except your quality of life. After coming to that realization, I found it a lot easier to breathe easy and deal with problems properly. I was able to get through my day to day life a lot more enjoyably, as well.

I have learned that the bad times make us stronger . The bad times make us more mentally and emotionally prepared for what's to happen later in life. The bad times build our character and make us better. They make us wiser and better problem solvers. They bring us closer to God, who becomes our strength when we have no more .

Like I said, it's no secret, really. So, I really haven't enlightened you any, right? This was just a statement of what most of us already knew, right? I was only trying to send out a simple reminder

So, are you happy with your life? How have you been choosing to live? I hope you think only positively from here. I hope you choose to see and focus on the many blessings in your life and be thankful, still, for the bad times, too.

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