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Public Speaking Fear: What to Do

Are you too nervous to book a class to teach about your product or business because you'll have to stand in front of a group to present?

If so, you're not alone.

You may have heard that most people are more afraid of public speaking than death. I haven't personally checked this statistic, but I do know that fear of public speaking is very common.

You may also know that in order to sell your product or have people join you in your business, you need to present to them in one way or another. Presenting to a group, even if it's a group of five in a living room, is a great place to start.

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I checked with some of the best networkers / public speakers to get their advice on fear of public speaking, plus I'll toss in some of my own thoughts based on my experience.

  1. Get educated Ray Higdon, a top earner and popular speaker and trainer, says that most of the books on public speaking are worthless, but he does recommend Inspire Any Audience. Amazon has copies available for super cheap, or you can check your library for it. There is an art to crafting a connection to an audience that you can learn. The more you understand about how to do it, the better.
  2. Get experience The best way to get over your fear is to just do it. If you need to practice a doTerra class in front of a group, ask your friends. Tell them, without apologizing or making a fuss about it, that you are new at presenting and need to practice. Ask them to be your guinea pigs.
  3. Step up your game Know that there will be a financial reward for you making this presentation, either at the end of the night, or longer-term as you grow your business. Think of an amount that would motivate you, as if a friend we're making you a dare, "Would you get up and teach this class for $100?" Remember that you'll probably only be nervous for the first few seconds. I remember the butterflies in my stomach before school plays. No matter how bad they were, they left after I said my first line. Then the power of the rehearsals took over, and I gave what I had prepared to give for so long.

This will help you in five ways.

  • First, your friends love you. They'll be kind.
  • Second, you are actually teaching your class. Chances are, your friends will be interested in doTerra by the end of the class.
  • Third, your friends don't like [public speaking either. The most important part of a networking presentation is NOT the product. It's conveying the idea that your friends can do it too . When your friends see you struggling in your first attempts, they'll subconsciously get the idea that they can teach in front of their friends, too.
  • Fourth, you will have taken action, which will help you take the next action of presenting again. You'll be better the next time around.
  • Fifth, you can get feedback from your friends about improvements you can make.

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