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Law of Attraction Guru Discovers The Secret of Wordpress

If you have been a reader at my blog for more than a minute you should know I am a big fan of Joe Vitale.

In a sense Joe Vitale is the Godfather of my personal development practice.

I wrote a couple posts about how his book Spiritual Marketing , later republished as The Attractor Factor was really the door to my journey of personal development and spiritual growth and success, you can read more about that in my article Who is Jonathan Bankert Anyway? and Joe Vitale Corrected me.

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Other than being spiritual teacher, particularly known for his recent work with The Secret; Joe is a marketing expert, he's been hailed the Buddha of Internet marketing.

Joe has been blogging for a long time, and his blog content is exceptional.

I am going to rant just a little because, I have been asking myself for years when the heck is Joe going to upgrade from the blog!

Well, he finally did this past week.

Nothing against people who use the free account, some of the best blogs are accounts.

Like my friend Jenn Jones has a very big following at her inspirational blog and she uses (she also just wrote a really sweet post thanking me for featuring her as a personal development blogger by the way)

But read the post and comments by Darren Rose of called Is Blogger The Worst Free Blogging Service if you want to see what I mean about free blogs.

I just expected Joe to know this as an Internet marketing expert.

But then again, he is Joe Vitale. He was famous long before blogging became mainstream, so he can get away with it. Heck, he just moved his blog as a sub-domain hosted on his own server rather than Goggle's, and he got 74 comments the first day from his blog groupies.

Now, that's what I call a following.

He even is using the SEO friendly blog platform of choice for serious Internet marketers, Word-Press.

Okay, I am officially a computer- geek. I am get excited about Joe Vitale changing blog platforms.

All technical stuff aside, and in all seriousness I highly recommend you visit Joe Vitale's new blog, subscribe to his RSS feed, and read all of archives. The marketing, and manifestation information there is worth literally thousands of dollars.

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Posted in Personal Development Post Date 02/08/2020