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Anger quickly comes and goes in the emotional body...

First I apologize on the length, as I usually never write about anything that bothers me in regards to violent acts of one human towards another or towards humanity in general.

I try to keep more of a philosophical mindset in my thoughts and words publicly.

As I've stated before, my blog is more of a personal diary for myself and for my self em-betterment.

I don't write often, but when I do it's not to persuade others thoughts, opinions or beliefs, but rather to encourage their own inner strengths and thoughts for the sole purpose of creating a better society and humanity.

With that said, this recent act of violence struck close to my home and after the shock settled, it caused me to reenforce my earlier thoughts and statements on compassion, civil society, and humanity in general.

I think people take the word compassion for granted and never truly explore the use of it even for a single day in their day-to-day thoughts and actions in society.

Many may have heard by now of the shooting in the Theater by a retired Police Captain here in Florida. If not, I'll briefly give some details that we know up to this point.

A younger man of 43 years old and his wife we're sitting in front of a 71-year-old gentlemen and his wife in this large theater with roughly 25 others sparsely seated.

According to statements, the young man was texting his three-year old daughter's sitter during the previews that we're prior to the actual feature presentation.

The older gentlemen was apparently irritated that the man was texting in the theater during these previews, and confronted him to turn it off thus leading to a heated argument between the two.

The older man left to complain with management, but returned quickly as the manager was apparently busy with another customer according to his statement.

The older man and the young man again exchanged heated words, and the young man threw a bag of popcorn at him.

The man of 71, pulled out a .38 handgun and without hesitation or warning shot the younger man in front of his wife and injuring her in the hand, which passed through killing her husband.

He quickly died after saying, "I can't believe he shot me" according to witnesses trying to aid him.

So with that explained, I'm sure there will be more details to arise, but in basics that was the scenario that took place.

The older gentlemen was 71, a retired Police Captain of Tampa Florida, former Navy, former security guard at the family park, Busch Gardens, and attended Church and Bible Study according to friends and family.

Now to me, this act of violence from a person that the public grows up putting their trust in even during retirement years, is what I think caused such attention as well as, it should.

However, my thoughts on this travesty in terms of sadness or outrage isn't why I wanted to write about it, in fact it's quite the opposite.

I wanted to discuss this violence in regards to the one word of importance for all human beings, and the one I stress and dedicate all my resolutions to, and that is.."Compassion".

I always state, "If a man opens his heart to the smallest amount of compassion, then his mind greatly expands to receive the vastness of wisdom and cultural understandings."

Based on my experiences, which are quite simple, I strongly believe that and try my best to abide by it in everyday life.

I also strongly believe if humanity, all humanity, could purposely strive to consciously invoke that word and it's powerful imbedded emotion in their every day lives, then when situations are presented that escalate the temperaments, this form called compassion would subconsciously kick in and override, thus resulting in more civil resolutions.

You see, I believe compassion is a natural entity that is instilled in all of us since birth.

It has a wide range of coverage that is responsible for the feelings of seeing someone you love in pain or sorrow, to the overwhelming pride of seeing some one succeed including ones self.

It continues down into things that are not just humanistic like the care for animals and nature.

It's unfortunate and simply an educational error that many people confuse compassion with weakness, when it is quite the opposite.

For example, when people see a strong amount of compassion in a person, they subconsciously give a higher tolerance and level of respect for that individual.

So much so, that when a request for action or a task is needed from that person, individuals will tend to respond to the request without hesitation, frustration or resistant.

This gets so much done in any situation whether it be at work, school or just in the social environments. That is powerful and it happens often with those ruled by compassion rather than stern callousness.

When an individual doesn't have a strong, visible amount of compassion and attempts to request actions from others when truly needed, and using a sense of demand or sense of entitlement, then those request fall upon deaf ears or will be carried out but with poor quality and results because the integrity level given to that who is without compassion fails to connect with others. Fails to connect with emotions. Fails to connect with society.

So what does this have to do with this shooting in the Theater? Quite simple.

If either man involved in this heated argument, would have consciously choose to use the compassion already instilled in them, then this murder would have never happened.

A father would have returned home to his three-year-old little girl and his wife. A 71-year-old would have returned home with his wife instead of jail and now future prisonfor life.

How so? Simple..

Both loved their wives, compassion.

Both loved their families, compassion.

Both enjoyed being in a public place sharing a common interest, compassion.

Both loved life, compassion.

So why wasn't that same, already instilled compassion, used to consciously diffuse their personal situation rather than letting automatic triggers of anger take place?

Because compassion and the purposeful invocation of it is a "learned behavior" from practice, and by that, the subconscious will eventually learn to automatically take hold and apply it as a trigger in replacement of an anger trigger.

This doesn't mean anger or temperaments will disappear and one will never be angry or irritated again.

It simply means that a person involved in a potentially heated or deadly situation will first see the option of actions based upon compassion rather than actions based upon anger first.

If only one of the two would have used their compassion option, then the situation would have settled down and been extinguished.

The reason it wasn't used by either, is because we as a society lead with our minds rather than our hearts in almost every situation especially in a confrontation.

The emotions that dwell within us are automatically triggered in certain instances like the death of a loved one, the joy of something significant in our lives, but we never consciously turn to an emotion with conscious purpose at least not normally.

It is a "learned behavior" that once recognized, utilized and practiced, becomes the leading force in our lives to personal success, peace of mind, relief of stress and civil living.

It is not easy to use compassion consciously when temperaments flair. The anger and argumentative emotion is dominant and practiced more in most people's lives than compassion.

If compassion was summands in more situations consciously, then our subconscious would begin to automatically choose it instead of anger, which would give a moment to rationally think on options before doing an irresponsible and untractable action as this 71 retired Police Captain carried out.

Most people are not mentally unstable so much that they can not learn, practice and invoke compassion in almost all they do.

I do think there are some cases where mental instability is a genetic issue, and of course that is from the mind and not the heart that I speak of with natural compassion.

That defect in the mind also prevents the learning and growing of compassion within them. I think those cases are low in comparison to our civil society as a whole.

Some individuals are naturally instilled with more of the emotion of compassion I think than others.

However, I do believe we all have it in us since birth, and we all have the ability to magnify it to a level of equality.

If one is able to let anger first preside, then they are equally capable of learning how to let compassion first preside.

It just takes an individual strong in compassion, to teach others physically and by example, as in school teachers, employers, mentors and public figures and leaders. T

The problem is an individual has to willingly and physically choose to identify it first, choose to learn the magnification of if, and choose to purposely use it as a first option trigger in any situation.

Not just adult mankind, but more importantly and most influentially, our young children and young adults.

Then we will see less and less of these horrific acts of violence, especially on our own soil and become a true leader for all Nations civilly.

So, in regards to this 71-year-old currently in jail?

I'm sure compassion is now the dominance of this man in his cell instead of anger.

Anger quickly comes and goes in the emotional body, but compassion remains to be the "clean up" emotion instead of the leading emotion triggered in our every day lives. That is the problem.

Once man learns to recognize the power of compassion, separate it from the stigma of weakness, loose the fear that it will suppress his success and dominance in situations, and learn to utilizes it in all situations first, then and only then, we will have a more civil, loving and prosperous social society.

With that type social society improvement, it ultimately gives way to a greater humanity for generations to come.

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