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-How do we navigate the metro system when we don't even know how to ride the buses in Gainesville?

-How are we going to get around France when all we can say is Bonjour, Au revior, and Merci beaucoup?

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-How are we going to fund our pricey drinking and eating habits?

-What if we get lost from each other and have limited cell phone access?

-What if a band of gypsies come at us and we can't defend ourselves?

-What if we get pick pocketed, our passport gets stolen and we cannot return to the beloved homeland?

-What if we get roofied at a club? What if we can't get into the clubs?

-What happens when we go skinny dipping in the Seine, and someone steals our clothes on the shore?

We are going to have to face all these concerns on our own, but that's the beauty of growing up- being able to adapt and thrive in new environments. So, as we enter this new culture, we have goals we want to make sure we fulfill during our time in Paris. These goals include:


-Appreciate our surroundings, and try new things everyday.

-LEARN: the culture, the French language (as much as possible), and the history

-Dress as the Parisians dress. That is, more fashionably expressive and less casual than the typical American style

-Make new friends && meet new people

-Get lost and find cool places along the way

-See enough to get to know Paris, but return to America yearning for more.

We have a list of suggested places to see that is too long to complete in our short amount of time here. However, we are going to do our best to see as much as we can on that list, and share our experiences.

However, we're now boarding the plane, so we'll continue this post once we've arrived in Paris.. Brb

It is now 2 pm in France, and we just arrived to our hotel room (but really it should be called a box). Upon first entering the room, reality hit pretty quickly. There we're no drawers to put our clothes in, and only a small holein the wall that is our shared closet space for the next two weeks. We don't mean to sound ungreatful, we are just intriguedto see how our homewill look in two weeks. On the bright side, there are huge windows we can open to let in the fresh air and view the unique French architecture. We can also hear the sounds of the fast paced city, which is a new and interesting addition to our lives. Most importantly,having a small room will definitely encourage us to spend less time in the hotel and more time exploring our European surroundings.

We're all unpacked now, and we're getting ready to take the metro to wherever it will take us.

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