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Happy Mothers Day

One, Saturday marked the day my mother and I arrived in New Zealand. My mother stepped off the plane having packed up her life in Texas, never visited New Zealand before, with all her suitcases and a ten month old baby me in tow, started a new life here. We have been here 25 years, she made a good choice that day, one that completely changed both of our lives. A quarter of a century of happiness, and one of the best places to grow up.

Two it's Mother's Day today, meaning I get to also celebrate 25 years of having the best mother anyone could ever wish for.

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My mother is amazing and to this day one of the biggest role models in my life. She has shown my brother and I, endless love, support, kindness, and done everything in her power and beyond to make our lives better.

She has always been full of good advice and wisdom to. Here are the best things I've learned from mum.

You can choose to be happy "wake up and make the choice to be happy, be in charge of your own emotions". From the women who has had more than her fair share of struggles and hardship, yet never have I seen her unable to laugh, smile or be kind to others.

"You either do it, or you have excuses". Excuses are the easy way out, if you want something make it happen

A work ethic, to this day my mother has never made us work hard, but has led by example of being the hardest working women I've ever met.

Don't panic, don't cry, don't give up, sort the problem out. It doesn't matter what disaster, emergency or hurdle there is to overcome just do what needs to be done.

Actually just as a bit of a side story and example of this, when we first arrived in NZ, mum was a rural doctor, in a small town and frequently got called out in the middle of the night. She would get a very small me, my blanket, teddy and her medical bag and set off into the night. My earliest memories are of her calmly dealing with whatever medical emergency it happened to be that night, and me playing with all the interesting things in her medical kit.

Do what's right, what you believe, not what's popular, or what won't shake the boat.

I also learnt to cook. Because my mother couldn't at all. My brother and I are actually both pretty good cooks because of this.

My mother is one of those amazing people who is incredibly strong, no matter what life throws at her. Yet kind, in her medical profession as well as everyday life, she takes the extra time to show even the rudest low life's care and patience. As a parent she never screamed, yelled, grounded, or controlled us with excessive rules, but the expectation that we would be good people and make the right choice.

I grew up listening to mum's stories of climbing to Mt Everest base camp, and up to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, before it was popular 30years ago. Getting dragged down mountains by a yak and a few misadventures along the way. Her tales of safari in Africa, and sailing across the ocean in a dodgy ship, breaking her ankle & losing people at sea we're all part of it. She was a emergency room doctor in Houston Texas, and I loved hearing of her flying in helicopters to save lives.

My mother has definitely been my inspiration, a role model, and constant source of support in what I have done with my own life. She has always had a complete and unwavering faith that both her children could do whatever we set our minds to, giving us the confidence to try.

On Mother's Day I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing women as my mother.

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