Use of Social Media During a Time of Transition


In today’s world, we are constantly inundated with social media blurbs, tweets, texts and the like without avoidance. It can be a hindrance around our ability to focus, and the amount of information thrown at us each and every minute of the day can be overwhelming. That being said, there are also a tremendous number of benefits to social media for those in career transition.

Social media is a very effective way to network. Statistics show 70% of jobs are found through networking. The more networking you do, the more exposure to new contacts and information you gain. Remember that social networking is worldwide connectivity and free advertising. Those you connect with may have some common interests and may be in a position to assist you in finding your next job.

LinkedIn, for example, is one of the many resources you can use to help with your job search. The site has over 347 million members, with two new professional members added each second. , LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to showcase your abilities and connect with those who can speak to your past performance and future potential. It also provides you with the ability to connect with the individuals you know and those that are connected with them, even though you may not know those contacts yourself.

Another benefit to the site is that it serves as a source of published material relevant to almost any industry. This will help you stay up to date on trends and developments that will help you stand out in your job search. Job seekers may also find the job search function useful with advanced searches, the ability to save jobs you wish to apply for later, and the available history of positions for which you have applied. Using LinkedIn to prepare for interviews by searching the name of the individuals you will be meeting also helps job seekers to learn about the professional backgrounds of those they will interview with at their target companies.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, but only if you use it correctly. I recommend posting updates on LinkedIn at least three times a week while job hunting. By announcing your job search, sharing articles and links through commentary, and asking for references, you remain visible to your audience and relevant in your field.

There are many useful features found on LinkedIn, and with recruiters relying more on technology, job seekers should invest time in carefully developing their profile and initiating networking efforts through this and many other, valuable research and connection tools.

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